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Category: UK Sports Betting Websites
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Bet 365 Sports Betting Review

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Bet365 is one of the most recognisable brands in online gambling, being one of the largest companies to offer these services in the UK. Founded in 2000 in a lowly portakabin, Bet365 has since grown into a vast, multi-million pound empire that provides a wide range of online gaming and gambling services to its players. Bet365 sportsbook serves over seven million customers in 200 countries and gives players the opportunity to place bets on a vast number of sporting events, matches and tournaments. Bet365 takes our number one spot in this category purely because it offers more than the vast majority of sites we have reviewed here, so we’re sure you’ll find a lot to get excited about!

Opening an account with Bet365 is simple and straightforward, even for those players that haven’t dabbled in online gambling before. There is a real concentration on ease-of-use here, with the user interface and bet slip technology being designed and constructed in such a way as to make them extremely user-friendly. A number of great features, many of them unique, help to improve the overall user experience and make it easier (and quicker) to place bets. This is particularly important in the online gambling market as odds can change quickly – so you need to be able to place your bet when you want to in order to secure the most favourable odds.

A couple of features in particular caught our eye. The ‘In-Play Diary’ makes it easy to log and monitor upcoming events and games in practically any sport, so you can identify quickly which ones you would like to place a bet on. A particular favourite of ours is ‘In-Play MultiView’ which lets users create their own multiview page to monitor changing odds in up to 12 events at the same time. This means that even the most experienced (and demanding) of bettors can make several bets simultaneously, whilst having all of the information they need at their fingertips. Finally the ‘Favourites List’ means that users can collect together the sports they most commonly bet on in one place, giving them instant access to odds on sports, matches, tournaments and events that they are most likely to wish to bet on.

  A number of excellent interactive features make Bet365 a great place to watch and enjoy sport as well as place bets on it.  

As well as all of this, Bet365 is also a leader in the provision of live “in-play” betting. This is a type of betting that is unique to online sportsbooks as it relies on the instant, ‘always on’ nature of the internet. Using live betting, users are no longer restricted to placing bets only before a game or event has begun. Instead, they can examine odds as they change throughout the course of an event – and enjoy the uplift in odds that might result from, perhaps, the progression of time, the decline in performance of one or more players or other significant events that may occur during a game. Many players enjoy live betting because it adds an additional dimension to their online gambling – as opposed to just examining odds pre-match, players can exercise new skills of judgment and analysis in understanding and anticipating how individual events will be reflected in the odds offered for particular events.

A number of excellent interactive features make Bet365 a great place to watch and enjoy sport as well as place bets on it. Major events are streamed directly to the site through partnerships with major broadcasters, meaning players can enjoy watching events unfold live, as they happen. In addition, Bet365 offers players a live stream of results and highlights from major sporting events of the day. If you’re not around to catch the broadcasts or highlights, you can also check out regularly updated summaries of sporting news and highlights, making it easy to keep abreast of developments and helping you understand the way in which these changes will affect odds.

As well as a wide range of sporting features, players can also use the same account to enjoy a range of further gambling and betting opportunities. Players can place special bets on a number of celebrity, social, cultural and political events, or gamble in a different way with financials betting. In addition to all of the betting opportunities available at Bet365, users can also use their account to play poker, casino games and bingo, as well as enjoying instant win and scratchcard games. All in all, even when there’s not much going on in the sporting world, there’s always something to do at Bet365.

Bet365 is not alone in offering players a wide range of bonuses, promotions and special offers throughout the course of their membership – but there’s a particularly great range on offer here. Users can enjoy a 100% deposit bonus (up to the value of £200) in free playing funds when they open an account and make a deposit. In addition, users who refer their friends and family to Bet365 can enjoy substantial additional rewards - £25 per player they encourage to join (with a  further £25 being deposited into the account of the new player, too).

Players also benefit from a range of ongoing special offers and promotions, many of which are timed to coincide with major sporting events such as the Grand National and the FA Cup Final, which offer improved odds, “managers specials” (such as money-back offers) and other promotions. All of these offer players a great opportunity to make their money go further and improve their winnings when betting with Bet365.

All in all, Bet365 is jam packed with features that we’re sure will please even the most avid and experienced of bettors. With a wide collection of promotions and special offers, as well as a generous joining bonus, your money goes pretty far at Bet365, so we think that even those who have previously been wedded to the idea of high street betting may also give this service a go. If you’re looking for a fantastic online betting experience, give Bet365 a try – you won’t look back!

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